Romantic Date Ideas in Norfolk

Romantic Date Ideas in NorfolkNorfolk is one of those cities that possesses a uniquely unassuming charm. Whether it's family fun activities, shopping, golf or just taking in the sights, there’s never a shortage of great activities to enjoy. But when you finally get to spend time with your significant other, you truly want to make your time together as memorable as it can possibly be. That's why planning a special romantic date is the key to keeping those romantic embers smoldering. So here are some excellent romantic date ideas that will draw the two of you closer, no matter how hectic your respective schedules may be.

Norfolk Botanical Garden
Focus on each other on a romantic date amid the natural beauty of the Norfolk Botanical Garden. This garden was established in 1938 as a Works in Progress Administration project and it has become a sanctuary of natural beauty today thanks to the help and care of over 200 African-American women who donated their time and talent to the beautification of this amazing place. Stroll hand in hand as you admire the garden's incredible flower, plants, and wide open spaces.

Address: 6700 Azalea Garden Rd, Norfolk, VA 23518- MAP
Phone: (757) 441-5830

D'Art Center
You both realize deep down that your love for one another is one-of-a-kind. That uniqueness also seems to perfectly characterize the art that you will discover when you both visit D'Art Center on a romantic date. This highly engaging and visually captivating venue features the dazzlingly eccentric and thoughtful work of over 36 professional artists. The center touts itself as "your connection to visual arts," and with the amazing displays and exhibits, as well as classes that teach you how to create your own masterpieces, you and your sweetheart will be connected to each other and to all of the affection with which these stunning pieces of art were created.

Address: 740 Duke St, Norfolk, VA 23510 - MAP
Phone: (757) 625-4211

Sarah Constant Beach Park
Sure, it may seem like a walk along the beach with your sweetie might be thought of as a romantic date cliché, but the reason it's a cliché is because it rings true with so many starry-eyed couples. One of the best places to get your feet all sandy amid the sound of the crashing waves is Sarah Constant Beach Park. The area is amazingly calm and offers a chance for the two of you to truly focus on one another as you enjoy a picnic on the beach or just stroll along the seashore as you watch the sunset.

Address: 300 W Ocean View Ave, Norfolk, VA 23510 - MAP
Phone: (757) 664-6510

Chrysler Museum of Art
Strolling from gallery to gallery on a romantic date at the Chrysler Museum of Art may strike the both of you with the thought that your relationship is, in a sense, a work of art in and of itself. Your thoughts may be swayed that way by the fact that this venue has been named one of the twenty best art museums in the country by the Wall Street Journal. The venue features many exhibits worth seeing, not the least of which is the personal collection of none other than Walter Chrysler himself.

Address: 1 Memorial Pl, Norfolk, VA 23510 - MAP
Phone: (757) 664-6200

Hampton Roads Naval Museum
The United States military presence is one of the benchmarks of life in Norfolk. That fact is respectfully observed at the Hampton Roads Naval Museum. This is a great place to enjoy time with your date and learn not only about the historical significance of the Navy's contributions to the area, but the personal stories behind the events, as well. Revisit over 234 years of Naval history with the help of interactive displays and highly detailed exhibits. This is one of only 12 museums of its kind, and a great way to learn about a significant part of the Navy's contribution to the history of Norfolk and its surrounding areas.

Address: 1 Waterside Dr, Norfolk, VA 23510 - MAP
Phone: (757) 322-2987

Carrie B Showboat
The two of you feel like escaping, but don't really have the time to get away for long. Perhaps just getting off dry land will make you both feel like you've gotten away from it all. A fun way to do that is to hop aboard the Carrie B Showboat for an unforgettable romantic date. You'll travel on the Carrie B, a 19th century Mississippi Riverboat as you take in the sights of the Norfolk waterfront. You'll be both informed and entertained by the riverboat's captain as he points out areas of interest along the way.

Address: 1238 Bay St, Portsmouth, VA 23704 - MAP
Phone: (757) 418-2510