Norfolk Nightlife

Norfolk NightlifeEscape the daily pressures of work and family for a chance to relax among friends when you enjoy some of the best nightlife fun Norfolk has to offer. It doesn't matter if you feel like laying low and throwing back a few beers or maybe dressing up for a fancy night out—you'll find exactly the venue to suit your mood when you venture out for an evening's worth of fun tonight in Norfolk.

The Taphouse Grill In Ghent
There's always a great time brewing at Norfolk's The Taphouse Grill In Ghent. If you're a fan of beer, this is your ultimate nightlife destination! You and your taste buds are in for a treat when you choose from the many selections on tap. There are several excellent brews that are made on site by the resident brew-master. In addition, you can treat yourself to one of the city's largest selections of bottled beers from around the world. The brewed concoctions as well as the great crowd and occasional live music performances all make for a great time at the Taphouse.

Address: 931 West 21st Street, Norfolk, VA 23517 - MAP
Phone: (757) 627-9172

Fans of live music in Norfolk know that if they want to catch their favorite artists, the best place to see them deliver the musical goods is onstage at the NorVa. This highly popular nightlife destination combines impressively high-tech lights and sound that set the standard quite high. It's that attention to visual and sonic detail that enables your favorite bands to reach new musical heights that in turn create truly unforgettable performances.

Address: 317 Monticello Avenue, Norfolk, VA 23510 - MAP
Phone: (757) 627-4547

Cogans Pizza
If you're looking for someplace to enjoy a drink that's a little off the beaten path, then find your way to Cogans Pizza. Although the nightlife venue is small, it is packed with a large measure of individuality. There's cutting-edge music coming out of the speakers and the crowd is most definitely eclectic, too. A great place for a glass of wine or a mixed drink, it is also a prime spot for checking out the always colorful crowd. And speaking of color, don't miss the impressive selection of local art that covers the walls.

Address: 1901 Colonial Avenue, Norfolk, VA 23517 - MAP
Phone: (757) 627-6428

Kelly's Tavern
Kelly's Tavern is one of those rare places where you feel instantly comfortable the moment you walk in the door. This nightlife venue is located in the city's trendy Ghent area and offers a great lunch menu that includes burgers, fries, and chicken sandwiches. When the day winds down, though, Kelly's draws in a wide variety of patrons that range from young professionals to students to college professors, and more. The mood is always so inviting that no matter where you come from, you'll fit right in!

Address: 1408 Colley Avenue, Norfolk, VA 23517 - MAP
Phone: (757) 623-3216

O'Sullivan's Wharf
When you're a little undecided about where to grab dinner and drinks, do what lots of locals do—head to O'Sullivan's Wharf. While the bar may not look like much from the outside, once you're in, you won't want to leave! This is a cool nightlife venue that attracts locals, college students and young professionals. The college crowd tends to be heavier on the weekends, but in the early evenings during the week, it's a more mature crowd that you will find here. In addition to great nightly entertainment and a deck that overlooks the river, O'Sullivan's features a great dinner menu that features crab cakes and King crab legs.

Address: 4300 Colley Avenue, Norfolk, VA 23517 - MAP
Phone: (757) 423-3746